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STAEDTLER Noris digital

The STAEDTLER Noris digital combines the appeal and feel of a pencil with the technology of an S-pen stylus.
This ergonomic, inductive pen is made from innovative WOPEX, and allows you to write and draw creatively straight onto your screen – whether you’re on your mobile phone, tablet or notebook.

Iconic design

Technically brilliant.
Inconceivably innovative.

The famous black and yellow stripes of the Noris pencil came into being as early as 1955.
Since then, the pencil has been used by millions of people for learning to write, making notes, writing letters, drawing and sketching.

In 2017 the design is going down in the history books once again. An electromagnetic input pencil with the look of a traditional pencil, the STAEDTLER Noris digital provides a natural writing and drawing experience on S Pen-compatible devices. And in this way it brings tradition and innovation together – in a single product.

It’d be hard to paint a better picture of drawing and note-taking.

How would it be if we
could just express what
was in our heads as we
thought of it?

The STAEDTLER Noris digital simply captures your every idea, records it directly and stores it in any template you like.

It’d be hard to paint a better picture of drawing and note-taking.

The STAEDTLER Noris digital becomes your creative partner in the blink of an eye.

You’ll discover a whole new harmonious world of form and colour in a single pencil when colouring in mandalas.

It’d be hard to paint a better picture of drawing and note-taking.

Day-to-day business

One minute you’re relaxing – the next you need to find a solution, a smarter way of doing something. The STAEDTLER Noris digital helps you visualise and organise your day-to-day business – the perfect plan will be at your fingertips.

No charging required

EMR technology is passive and does not use energy. The STAEDTLER Noris digital therefore has no battery, never needs to be charged and is always ready to use.

EMR technology

The key component of the STAEDTLER Noris is its lead made by WACOM. The tablet, smartphone or notebook creates an electromagnetic field and the pencil interacts inductively with this, so that the end device always knows the exact location of the pencil point.

Easy cross-hatching

The STAEDTLER Noris digital can be used for a range of drawing techniques, just like a pencil can, e.g. cross-hatching an area by simply tilting the pencil.

Varied line width

The line width of the STAEDTLER Noris digital can be varied intuitively. The pencil line becomes broader or narrower depending on the pressure applied when writing, drawing or colouring.

Further technical details:

Pencil design
  • Legendary Noris look
  • Hexagonal shape
  • Made in Germany
  • EMR technology
  • WOPEX soft surface
  • Palm rejection
  • No charging necessary
Hard facts
  • Pencil point: 0.7 mm
  • Length: 175 mm
  • Diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Weight: 7.8 g

The right hardware.
For iconic writing materials.

The STAEDTLER Noris digital is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

The perfect apps

Combined with the right apps and programmes, the STAEDTLER Noris digital becomes a creative multi-tool.


Zen Brush
sign pro PDF
Autodesk Sketchbook
Microsoft One Note
Adobe Draw
Adobe Sketch

It’s time to go down in the history books (again).