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The long-established Nuremberg-based company counts on a harmonious interplay between paper and Display

Digitization is advancing quickly and is capturing more and more areas of life. It also does not leave seemingly analogue bastions such as writing, drawing, or painting untouched. STAEDTLER has been observing these developments for quite some time. Offering a combination of traditional writing instruments and innovative product developments, the manufacturer of writing instruments and creative tools is building a bridge between the analogue and the digital world.

Axel Marx, Managing Director of STAEDTLER Group, is not afraid of digitization. “Activities such as writing and drawing are certainly subject to digital transformation. But both worlds - the analogue and the digital - can coexist. Even in the age of smartphones and tablets we do not see an impending downfall of the writing instruments industry.” The long-established Nuremberg-based company is open to digital change. Next to traditional products for writing, drawing, and painting, STAEDTLER offers interesting innovations that bring together paper and display in a pioneering fashion.

Digitization is advancing particularly in the school and educational sector. Tablets and PCs play an increasingly significant role in schools and other educational institutions. Nevertheless, “real” writing by hand is important for the development of children’s fine motor skills. In order to provide a meaningful connection between both worlds and to allow even the little ones to be part of digital change, STAEDTLER already in 2013 developed a learner’s pencil with a stylus function. The Noris stylus learner’s pencil is the first digital successor of a true school pencil classic, the Noris pencil with yellow and black stripes.

Another important new product is Noris digital, which was created in 2017 in co-operation with technology supplier Wacom and mainly targets older schoolchildren, students, and adults. In contrast to many other smart pens, the feeling when writing with the new STAEDTLER Noris digital is similar to writing with a classic pen. It combines the advantages of both worlds. The striped look and the hexagonal shape are inspired by its analogue predecessor, the Noris pencil.

In contrast to its nostalgic outer appearance, real technological innovation is hidden in its interior: a digital lead produced by Wacom. Using electro-magnetic resonance (EMR) technology, this lead provides a particularly smooth and natural writing experience on the displays of smartphones, tablets, or notebooks.

“In the age of digitization, even traditional writing instruments need to be rethought. That is why we have set ourselves the task to combine the charm of a classic pencil with innovative Wacom technology in the STAEDTLER Noris digital. This intelligent concept unites analogue and digital advantages in one product,” says Axel Marx, explaining the advantages of the Noris digital.
“Wacom is equally passionate about digital pens as Staedtler, since we believe that handwriting, digital pen and digital ink will allow people to enjoy an entirely new writing/drawing experience and the world beyond that,” said Nobu Ide, Executive Vice President of Wacom. “Wacom has long been supplying digital pen solutions to the world’s premier creative communities as well as leading IT mobile brands, and has gained a wealth of expertise through its pursuit for a real pen-on-paper experience. The Noris digital is the representation of two companies’ combined strengths and once you use the pen, you will immediately see the difference,” he added.

New product concept for “Noris digital” on Google’s stand @ Bett Show 2018
STAEDTLER will continue working to ensure a harmonious interplay between the analogue and digital worlds. In order to reach this goal, the long-established Nuremberg-based company is exploring with Google innovative ideas for how to use Staedtler pens with Google for Education products. Given the compatibility of Noris digital’s passive EMR technology with Google’s Chromebooks, several promising opportunities for collaboration present themselves. At Bett, the industry show for educational technology that will take place in London from January 24-27, 2018, “Noris digital” pens will be on display at the Google stand for a trade audience.

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